Ben's Alternative Foods
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Ben's Alternative Foods: Chicken and Turkey Links


  • 1 lb. vacuumed packed Turkey smoked Chorizo sausage (Salchichas de pavo Chorizo) *
  • 1 lb. vacuumed packed Louisiana smoked Chicken & Turkey Mild & Hot sausage Links.
  • 1 lb. vacuumed packed San Francisco brand Chicken & Turkey Garlic/ Knockwurst Link sausage
  • 1 lb. vacuumed packed Smoked Chicago brand Chicken & Turkey Polish Link sausages.
  • 13 oz vacuumed packed fully cooked Chicken & Apple Link sausage.
  • 1 lb. vacummed packed foot long Gourmet Turkey Frankfurters packed in lamb casing (A Great Stadium Hotdog!)
  • 1 lb. vacuumed packed Smoked Chicken & Turkey Andouille Link sausage.
  • 3 lb. vacuumed packed family pack pouches of smoked links are for super market, club stores, cash & carry and jobbers sales.

Bulk  Sales

5 lbs vacuumed packs pouches  for Super Markets, Meat Markets Butcher Blocks and Full Service  Delicatessen  Sales, the regular  size of these links are 4 to 1  lb, the 3 to 1 lb, the 5 to 1 lb and special order 6 to  1.

Food Service Customers
Bulk placed products are available in 15 lb cases containing (3) 5lb pouches for school lunch programs, Concessionaires, Sports Stadiums, Sports Arenas, Bar-B-Q Restaurants, Military Feeders, Prison Food Service, Health Care Feeders, Convenient Store Prepared Foods To Go, Movie Theaters, Festival and Fair Vendors. 

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