Ben's Alternative Foods
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Chef Ben welcomes you to Breakfast with Ben!
Offer our epicurean alternative poultry products to your customers and family. All developed by our experienced international Gourmet Chefs.

Turkey country seasoned breakfast patties, Turkey country seasoned breakfast links. Turkey flavorful smoked, less fat country pre-sliced portion control bacon and pre- sliced leaner turkey ham. For a Mexican / Latino flavored breakfast treat, Ben's A.F.P. features ground Chicken or ground Turkey Chorizo sausages as well as Chorizo link sausages. The Chorizo can be cooked with scramble eggs, or used as a side. We also feature our ground Turkey Italian sausage that can also be scrambled with eggs. Last but not least, our great breakfast Sicilian Italian Chicken & Turkey sweet or Spicy links that can be served as a great side for any breakfast combination, eggs hash browns etc.

For a new epicurean breakfast delight, serve our 100% chicken and apple sausage with a non pork
collagen casing.

Chef Ed Bullinski Chef John Fabala Chef Jose Lopez Chef B.J. Ben Meshack